Grandparents Circle

Grandparents Advisory Circle

grandparents-circle-imageLCO Child Support Program has developed a unique partnership with local LCO elders and community leaders as part of its “Grandparents Advisory Circle.”

This Circle provides insight and helps make sure youth needs are being addressed. In many cases, the “Grandparents Advisory Circle” brings concerned community members together and helps advise the work that we do, while maintaining cultural integrity and the community of our Tribe.

  • The Grandparents Advisory Circle Program was instrumental in developing the LCO Child Support Program Wanaki Mediation Group. This mediation group is used to assist parents or parties involved in a child support case to mediate in child support orders.
  • The Grandparents Advisory Circle’s guidance and involvement of the Wanaki mediation group for tribal child support is significant to the success of healthy families and community relationship ties.
  • The support of the Grandparents Advisory Circle and Wanaki Mediation Group is seen as crucial in the success of a productive, successful, and effective program.
  • The Grandparents Advisory Circle will act in an advisory capacity to the LCO Child Support Program.
  • The Grandparents Advisory Circle will provide a voice of authority and reason in the process of our operations and programing, as well as support.
  • This group meets quarterly (every three months) throughout the year to develop and implement the mediation group.
  • If this group interests you and you feel like you would like to be a part of this group please contact our office at 715-634-8934.